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We are exporters of Tropical Avocados from the Dominican Republic

Whether its too slice and dice for your favorite salad or sandwich, or to blend into the creamiest of smoothies, Tropicados (tropical avocados) grown in the warm, fertile climate of the Dominican Republic is the newest star in the show.


Tropicados is a venture of the Dominican Republic produce company - Holistic Solutions Global (HSG) which takes pride in being the grower, packer, and end-to-end supplier of these gorgeous fruit.


Our avocados are delivered to your market in as little as 48 hours since they are picked from our groves and arrive beautifully fresh, demanding to be tasted. An alternative to the hass avocados readily available in the USA, the Tropicados avocados are typically larger and offer more value for the money. They are also the healthier option as they contain about 30% fewer calories! What’s more? Our avocados have a longer shelf life and store well in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, even after they are cut open. This means scrumptious avocado salads, smoothies, and sushi rolls can be made with leftovers, the day after too!


We at Tropicados guarantee freshness without the use of any preservatives or wax and deliver directly, ensuring no interference from middlemen. Our comprehensive services and handling of the crop from seed to market phase are not only beneficial to foodservice industry customers and retailers, but also to our farmers who enjoy a larger share of the profits without having to split it with intermediaries.


Contact us to learn how we can help bring these fresh tropical avocados right to your market.

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